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Air-cooled Diesel Engine/F3L912


Vertical 4-Stroke air-cooled direct injection Air-Cooled Diesel Engine For Construction Equipment

DEUTZ Air-cooled diesel engine is the product after importing DEUTZ/KHD German product and manufactured with production license by Chinese DEUTZ plant .This serial engine is lined up straightly, The power is 14KW-440KW.Rotation speed 1500-2800r/min combustion style is spurting straightly or vertex flow (low pollution). The structure is rationalize, Operation is simple.  They can used for engineering mechanic, agricultural mechanic, generating unit ,and ship power.

Air-Cooled Diesel Engine For Construction Equipment
Numbers of Cylinder:  3
Induction System:   Naturally aspirated
Type:   Vertical 4-Stroke air-cooled direct injection
Combustion System:   Direct injection
Dispacement(L):  2.828
Bore X Strocking(mm):  100X120
Compression Ratio:  17:1
Air-Cooled Diesel Engine For Generator Sets
Governing      Machine Governor:  5%
Electronic Governor:  1%
Engine Continue Power(kw)   1500rpm:  24
1800rpm:  28
Engine Maximum Power(kw) 1500rpm:  26
1800rpm:  30
Generator Power(kw) Prime(Continue):  20
Standby(Maximum):  22
Noise dB(a) 1500rpm:  103
1800rpm:  103
Electric System:  12V/24V
Overall Dimension:  900×800×1040
Net Weight(kg):  275
Ref.QTY/20’FCL(SETS):  28

1.Good economical efficiency: this type of air-cooled diesel engine adopts advanced technical index with the power per liter of 21.23~26.20Ps/L, specific weight of 3.42~2.94kg/Ps, and the minimum specific fuel consumption of 212g/kW.h (156g/Ps.h)

2. High reliability, long operating life: it is proved that air-cooled diesel engine has lower abrasion loss than water-cooled diesel engine. The abrasion loss of air-cooled diesel engine is just 50% of that of water-cooled diesel engine, and the abrasion loss of piston rings in air-cooled diesel engine is also 50% of that in water-cooled diesel engine.
3.Strong adaptability: Air-cooled diesel engine can be well started and work even the temperature is 40℃ below zero, without freezing the cylinder block and without applying anti-freeze solution.

4. Easy maintenance: without installing a set of parts same as that in a water cooling system, air-cooled diesel engine boasts of easy maintenance and lower maintenance fee.

5. Convenient to use: Air-cooled diesel engine is free from the load of adding and discharging cooling water and avoiding the accidents of freezing the cylinder block, cylinder cover and radiator etc.



912/913 series Standard Configuration
1.Oil filter
2.Diesel filter
3.Oil bath air cleaner with pre-cleaner and dust collector
4.12V/24V Starting motor
5.12V/24V charged generator
6.Diesel engine electrical shutdown device (only generator set)
7.Automatic belt tension unit
8.V-belt break alarm device
9.Belt guard (only for generator set)
10.4 Engine elastic supports
11.SAW Flywheel and housing
12.Oil temperature sensor and alarm switch (VDO analog signal)
13.Oil pressure sensor and alarm switch (VDO analog signal)
14.Diesel engine accelerator adjust device (only generator set)
15.Mechanical adjusting speed device
16.Diesel engine paint (gray)

912/913 series Optional configuration:
1.Absorption type exhaust silencer suitable for remote mounting
2.Spark arrestor type exhaust silencer
3.Exhaust manifold –cum-silencer (only for non-turbo charge)
4.Dry type air cleaner with restriction indicator
5.Diesel engine supports suitable for rigidly mountings
6.Gear driven hydraulic pump
7.Belt driven air compressor
8.Hydraulic oil radiator
9.Starting aid for engine starting below minus 5℃ down to minus 20℃
10. 12V/24V Diesel engine electrical adjusting speed control device
11.Mechanical shutdown lever
12.Diesel engine over speed guard device
13.All kinds of meter of diesel engine

14.Industrial power take-offs

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