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Model KB5800i/KB5800i-E
AC Frequency (Hz) 50/60
AC Output Voltage (V) 110, 120, 220, 230
Rated Output (W) 3500
Max Output (W) 3800
Engine Model 172F
Noise 68dB
Type Single cylinder, Air-cooled, OHV, 4 stroke
Starting System Recoil/Electric start
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 17
Packing Dimensions (mm) 630x465x530
Net Weight (kgs) 48
QTY/20GP (sets) 180
QTY/40HQ (sets) 450
1. Full power: The unit can run with a stable output as long as 8 hours at the full load.
2.Low fuel consumption: The unit has a more economical fuel efficiency and can effectively  save 10-18% of fuel, compared to traditional machines.
3. Low Noise: With the newly designed silent structure, the operating noise of the unit can be controlled below 68 dBs.
4. Small vibration: With a new three-stage shock absorption structure, the unit can run smoothly under the full load.
5.Good heat dissipation: The use of scientific ventilation and heat dissipation system can effectively reduce the temperature of the unit and ensure the stable working during the running, and prolong its service life.
6.High quality: The output waveform is a standard sine wave with stable current, voltage and frequency. It is specially suitable for high-end electronic and electrical equipment, such as computers, medical equipment, analytical instruments, etc.
7. Super large tank: The tank capacity reaches 17L, which guarantees that the unit can running more than 8 hours at the full load.
8.Health-friendly and environmen-friendly: Mufflers of the unit use full compartment design, without harmful fillers such as asbestos and glass fibers.
9. Beautiful appearance: 4 mobile wheels are designed separately, which ensures a more smooth turning and working.
10.Compact structure: Compared with other generators with the same output, its overall dimension is 30% smaller,  which is moreconvenient for transportation and storage.

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